Elmwood Players presents...

"Winter Tales - three one act plays"



On stage Elmwood Auditorium

10th to 13th August


It is also likely that some/all of the plays will be entered in this year's NZTF Short Play Festival, so cast must be available for this.

Full details of the three plays will be updated to this page shortly.


“The Dumb Waiter” (Harold Pinter; Dir. Sonya Cameron)
Gus and Ben are on the job, waiting and listening. Into the waiting silence rattles the dumb waiter with extraordinary demands for dishes they cannot supply - and who is operating the dumb waiter in an empty house? In a while their victim will come and they will know what to do.


“Cosmic Fruit Bowl” (Rosemary Frisino Toohey; Dir. Anna Willows)
Think living in a fishbowl is tough? Try a fruit bowl. Talk about tension! There’s Orange, the self-centred star, Apple, the guy hiding a secret, and Banana, bruised by self-doubt. Is the focus on looks? Or what’s inside? Appeal? Or a peel?

The arrival of a strange fruit from down under only ups the ante. Is Kiwi truly a fruit or---horrors!---a bird? And will she be accepted, or will one of the regulars be rejected? There’s lots more than seeds and juice in this fruit bow

“A Night Out” (Frank Vickery; Dir. Shani Annand-Baron)
Seizing the opportunity, while her parents are out, Doreen decides to invite round Eric, her boyfriend. However, the evening is doomed to failure for all concerned: Doreen tries to calm Eric's passions while Mam and Dad overcome a ruined hair-do, the losing of all-important tickets and the car's flat battery only to find that they have the wrong night.

Winter Tales

The Dumb Waiter

“The Dumb Waiter”

Cosmic Fruit

“Cosmic Fruit Bowl”

A Night Out

“A Night Out”


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