Season has concluded

Triple Treat

Elmwood Players season of short plays returns with three one act plays for your enjoyment…


“The Imaginary Friend”

By Neil Troost

Directed by Alexandra Le Cocq


A comedy about the dysfunctional relationship between Karen and Roger.  Karen is struggling to cope with Roger’s increasingly erratic mental illness, while Roger’s imaginary friend Bob is reeking havoc with his attempts at a normal life.

Roger: David Searle
Karen: Donna Buchanan

Bob:    Andrew Clarke


“No Clues at Tudor Close”

By Tim Barcode

Directed by Sam Fisher

Imagine waking up in an English country house after a murder has been committed with no memory of who you are, who they were or even of the house or people around you.


Not only that, but what if you became convinced it had happened before, and not just once, but many many many times and that you were part of a game. 


Colonel Mustard has exactly this experience one autumn day as he tries to piece together how he got to Tudor Close ….


It’s all a game of mystery with No Clues at Tudor Close.
Col Mustard: Douglas Shield
Scarlett:      Jamie Lee
Mrs White:    Sophie Rea
Mrs Peacock: Vicky Hunwick
Plum:            Saul Gibney

Rev Green:    Roderick Turner


Triple Treat


“A Galway Girl”

By Geraldine Aron

Directed by Susan Cameron

A couple sit at opposite ends of a table reminiscing about their life together. Each has a point of view and they rarely address each other directly. They are young to begin with, then middle aged, then old, then one dies.


The anecdotes they relate are both humorous and tragic. Their lives seem wasted, yet the wife's muted final gesture of affection conveys a love that endured through years of bickering.


This one act play has been a critical success in London, Ireland and South Africa. "A minute tapestry cross stitched with rich detail-- invested with a strong strain of uncomfortable truths" ~ Irish Times.

Maisie:   Elizabeth Woods
Dermot: Glen Clark

Performance Dates

Thursday July 26th - Saturday July 28th 7:30pm


Thursday August 2nd - Saturday August 4th 7:30pm

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