NZTF District Theatre Fest 2017, St Andrew’s College, Christchurch

Elmwood Players had another successful time at the District One Act Play Festival held on 5 and 6 August, with
The Death Of Ellen Moore taking out a number of key awards. Here is the list of awards and recipients for


Best Actor Youth:
Nic Cain as Cornelia in Rules of Play (St Andrews College)

Best Actor Adult:
Sandy Wilson as Ellen in The Death of Ellen Moore (Elmwood Players)

Best Production Design and Tech:
First Light (South Canterbury Drama League)
and Shuddersome (Christ’s College)


Best Production of a NZ Play:
Surrender to the Sky (7.1 Productions)


Best Drama:
The Death of Ellen Moore (Elmwood Players)




Sandra Wilson & Jon Amesbury

Best Comedy:
Value Added Plus (Riccarton Players)

Best Youth Production:
Rules of Play (St Andrew’s College)

Best Adult Production:
The Death of Ellen Moore (Elmwood Players)

Best Overall Production / Sir James Hay Memorial Trophy:
The Death of Ellen Moore (Elmwood Players)

Recommendations For Southern Regionals:

The Death of Ellen Moore - Elmwood Players
Surrender to the Sky - 7.1 Productions
Rules of Play - St Andrews College
First Light - South Canterbury Drama League



Theatre Fest 2016

Congratulations to all cast and directors of the three Elmwood Players one act plays entered in this year’s NZTF Play Festival:

  • “A Night Out”,

  • “Cosmic Fruit Bowl” and

  • “The Dumb Waiter”.

“The Dumb Waiter” directed by Sonya Cameron,represented Elmwood Players at the National Finals in Invercargill.

The Dumb Waiter

“The Dumb Waiter”

Cosmic Fruit

“Cosmic Fruit Bowl”

A Night Out

“A Night Out”

Winners of 2015 Woodies

Full Length Production:

The Hen Night Epiphany (Dir: Garry Thomas)

Director, Full Length:

Garry Thomas (The Hen Night Epiphany)

One Act Production:

Instinct (Dir: Fiona Bennetts)

Director, One Act:

David Mitchell (The Death Of Katie Myers)

Actor, Male, Full Length:

John Boyce (Sex Cells)

Actor, Female, Full Length:

Nikki Conyers (The Hen Night Epiphany)

Actor, Male, One Act:

Noam Wegner (The Death Of Katie Myers)

Actor, Female, One Act:

Anna Willows (Instinct)


… and a big thank you to all who graced the Elmwood stage, and behind the scenes in 2015.


2017 Membership Subscriptions

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2017 membership is now due (Membership runs 1 January 2017 to 31 Decembery 2017). Forms are available from our website, and can be completed on line or by post (a pdf file can be downloaded from this link). Form 2017.pdf

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Diary 2017 - 2018

Keep These Dates Free

October 4-7, 11-14

"Heaven Help Us!" (Dir: Phil Dean)


“Goldisnowerellahood” (Dir: Libby Wilson)


“Always A Bridesmaid” (Dir: Sonya Cameron)


“Abigail’s Party” (Dir: Doug Clarke QSM)


"A Season of One Act Plays"


“Leaves Of Glass” (Dir: Carry Thomas)

Programme 2017 - 2018

Below is the planned programme of plays for 2017 -2018. Nearer the time of production open auditions for each of these plays will be advised on this web site, in newspaper advertising and in our newsletter.


Heaven Help Us

"Heaven Help Us!"

by Tim Hambleton


Dir: Phil Dean


October 2017: 4th -7th, 11th - 14th


In the waiting room of Heaven, Angela is filling in for St Peter. She is responsible for selecting those who enter, and unfortunately she has made a few mistakes lately.


A group of eclectic characters gather there and vie for entry through the Pearly Gates whilst also trying to outwit God’s nasty CEO.




by Bronwyn Elsmore


Dir: Libby Wilson


January 2018

Elmwood Players Kidz Theatre returns in January with, as the title suggests, this mashup of popular children’s stories.

Always A Bridesmaid

“Always A Bridesmaid”


by Jones, Hope, Wooten


Dir: Sonya Cameron


April 2018

In this hilarious comedic romp, four friends have sworn to keep the promise they made on the night of their Senior Prom: to be in each other's weddings … no matter what.


More than thirty years later, these friends-for-life are still making "the long walk" for each other, determined to honour that vow.


If you've ever elbowed a stranger out of the way to catch a bride's bouquet, seriously questioned the mental stability of the duo saying "I do" or been forced to wear the world's ugliest bridesmaid dress, this deliriously funny production is definitely for you…and your dearly beloved!

Abigails Party

“Abigail’s Party”


By Mike Leigh


Dir: Doug Clarke


June 2018

Beverly and her estate agent husband Laurence are entertaining their new neighbours – nurse Angela and ex-footballer Tony. Joining them is Susan, who’s been banished from her teenage daughter Abigail’s party.


Abigail’s Party is a suburban situation comedy of manners, and a satire on the aspirations and tastes of the new middle class that emerged in Britain in the 1970s.


Gradually this polite drinks and nibbles soirée descends into domestic anarchy. Tensions in the hosts’ barely functional marriage emerge and their obsessions, prejudices and petty competitiveness are ruthlessly and hilariously exposed.

One-act Plays 2018

"A Season of One Act Plays"


August 2018

Our popular, annual season of one act plays returns with another great selection of short plays.

Leaves Of Glass

“Leaves Of Glass”


by Philip Ridley


Dir: Garry Thomas)


October 2018

On the surface, Steven has everything. A beautiful wife, a successful business, a brand new home. But beneath the glittering veneer lies a monstrous secret ...


“You believe him cos he wraps all the painful stuff in feathers and flowers. Makes it all safe and cosy. You can't feel the broken glass inside.”


Leaves of Glass is a rich, complex play about two brothers and the hold that the past and memory has on them.


Haunted by the death of his father and a car accident involving a young child, Steve finds his life unraveling and his pregnant wife unable to comprehend his pain and sense of loss.


Executive Team 2017-2018

Following on from our Annual Meeting February 2017 the following members were elected...



Garry Thomas


Susan Cameron


Sonya Cameron



Brian Sullivan


Garry Thomas


Committee (Membership)

Samantha Creed



Jon Amesbury



Sam Primrose