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"Disturbing truths in compelling production" ... "As Kate, Georgina Stylianou gives a sterling performance ... impressive ... total focus" ... "It is a hard play to take at times but well worth seeing" ....  The Press 12 April


Press Review

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By Lucy O’Brien

(By arrangement with Playmarket)

Directed by Garry Thomas


Supported by

Christchurch Community ARTS Council
(Season opens 11 April)

“Contains adult themes and nudity”

This is a new NZ play, that has picked up a number of awards following its season at Bats in Wellington. 19 year old Kate is daddy's little girl. He feeds her, bathes her, and keeps her safe from the obstacle course of 'normal' life.


But, when daddy gets sick, and a handsome boy arrives to pick up the slack, Kate sees an opportunity to flee the tower. Like any other young woman her age, Kate clashes with her parents and longs to make her mark on the world.


But Kate has cerebral palsy. With her father clinging to his little girl for comfort, and her mother clinging to her Southern Comfort, no one could blame Kate for seeking solace in an unwitting young man who has been brought in to help.


What follows is a searing examination of a family unravelled by the strains of living with disability, and living with each other.






KATE HARRIS – a nineteen year old with cerebral palsy. She is able to talk and walk with difficulty.
LINDSAY HARRIS – Her mother, upper middle class, late 30’s - early 40’s
DANIEL HARRIS – Her father, upper middle class, early-mid 40’s
BENJAMIN WILLIAMS – A boy a bit older than Kate, from a rough background.


The cast is:

Kate…........Georgie Stylianou

Daniel…..... Stephen Ingwell

Lindsay….. .Adele Wheeley

Benjamin… Cameron Marriott

Katydid Cast

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