Lords and Ladies

Adapted from Terry Pratchett novel by Irana Brown

Directed by Maryanne Cathro

Season: 14-16 and 19-23 July 2005

Staging this production was a labour of love. Maryanne Cathro and Sandi Ward, both major Pratchett-heads, worked long and hard to bridge the space between book and stage in such a way that even the most critical fan would approve of.

Julian Southgate's set design turned the show, literally, on its head. The stage was encircled by a Stone Henge-like circle of stones, some of which had other functions and converted into everything from a breakfast table and forge to a doorway and a bed. This meant that when Diamanda and Granny entered the Dancers, they went through the back stones, the lighting shifted, and they came through again as if coming out the other side. It was a brave concept but one that worked brilliantly. By taking away the need to move scenery on and offstage, we managed to keep scene changes down to under 30 seconds, most of which were covered by fabulous musical segués created by Michael Nicholas Williams.

The music was an integral part of the show. As the Morrismen began the Stick and Bucket dance, the ripple of laughter from the audience grew as it slowly dawned that the unusual piece of accordian music was Staying Alive by the BeeGees!

All in all it was heaps of fun and that's what counts in the end!


Morris Men Elves and Queen Best Magrat and Shawn Nana and Gran Nanny and Casan
Cast (vaguely in order of appearance)
Queen of the ElvesJennie Fletcher
ElvesRebekah Ising, Steve Pearce
Mustrum RidcullyBrian Sullivan
Ponder StibbonsReece Paterson
BursarPhillip Lee
Granny WeatherwaxDeirdre Tucker
Nanny OggJune Peka
Magrat GarlickAdele Courtman
King VerenceRichard Draper
Shawn Ogg, ObidiahChris Church
Jason OggCallum Paul
WeaverKris Vavasour
ThatcherNicki Mitchell
Millie Chillum, BakerRachel Townsend
Bestiality Carter / The Long ManDavid Cathro
Diamanda, ElfMichelle Berridge
AmanitaDeborah Carr
Perdita / AgnesSandi Ward
CasanundaKlaus Hermanspahn

Pratchett ConsultantSandi Ward
PublicityChanel Hughes
Publicity ArtworkDino Chai
FundingDai Eveleigh
Stage Manager / Dialect CoachJack Jermyn
Set ConstructionTom Vavasour, Paul Stenhouse, cast
Costume Design/ConstructionMaryanne Cathro, Anna Warnock
Special PropsWendy Prior
Sound effects and mixingKris Vavasour
Sound OperatorIan Orchard
Lighting DesignDavid Cathro
Lighting operatorBig Dave