Elmwood Players Presents...

Season has concluded


A season of one act plays (Elmwood Players)

Three one act plays


Thurs-Fri-Sat, 7:30pm, for two weeks.

8 – 17 August
(Plus possible entry in Theatre NZ Festival of short plays.)

Production Manager: Garry Thomas
Stage Manager: Michelle Histen
Sound/Lighting: TBA



Theatre NZTheatre NZ’s Short Play Season at Aranui Performing Arts Centre saw Elmwood Players come away with a number of awards for the two productions it entered and that will be staged within our "Shorts" season, don't miss them!



“THE NEW QUIXOTE” (Best Comedy)Theatre NZ
Dir: Sarah Coursey
Sunday morning: As Gina prepares to greet the new day after a one night stand she can only vaguely remember thru her alcohol induced haze, the much younger Kenneth is preparing to move in and commence a more permanent ‘arrangement’.
Gina – Kat Bailey (Excellence in Acting, Female)Theatre NZ
Kenneth – Sam Primrose (Excellence in Acting, Male)Theatre NZ


“ONE SEASON’S KING” (George MacEwan Green)(Best Drama)Theatre NZ
Dir: Doug Clarke QSM

Set at a graveside during a funeral, the three men in the lives of a charismatic woman retell their stories … It is a play of characterization and its successful presentation depends on the male actors being able to convey the tension which exists between them. This tension springs not only from their rivalry for Eveline's favours but also from their sense of class.
Charles - Steven Barker
Edward - Rod Turner
Sam - Barry Tomkinson
Eveline - Katharine Barker


“hark*” (Gabe McDonnell)
Dir: Alexandra le Cocq

Darius returns to the motel room that was the scene of his best friends suicide some years prior. He is visited by two time travelling angels – Micah and Rafe, the devilsh Murmur, and Azaria – the Pizza Girl – as he struggles to follow through on his plan for redemption.
Darius –Andrew Clarke
Micah – Sam McKinnon
Rafe – Colin McKinney
Murmur – Anna Willows
Azaria –Alexandra le Cocq

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