My Mother said I never Should My Mother said I never Should

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My Mother said I Never Should

by Charlotte Keatley


Director Doug Clarke QSM


Doris, born in 1900, abandons teaching for marriage and motherhood, nurturing young daughter Margaret through the Blitz. To her mother’s disappointment, Margaret marries an American and becomes a typist, but then meets challenges of her own in her archetypal ‘60s rebel daughter Jackie. Aspiring artist Jackie sacrifices motherhood of Rosie to complete her studies and pursue a glamorous career.


A spirited child of the ‘70s, Rosie, is more than ready to forge her own path through the entrenched family secrets, but how much will it cost?

As each of the women, sometimes hesitantly, sometimes boldly, negotiates their way through the social mores of their time, they will find their greatest strength - and their greatest vulnerability - in these maternal ties.


This warm and tender play weaves back and forth in time, depicting pivotal moments in each of the women’s lives, creating a rich and engrossing family history that will make audiences both laugh and cry.


My Mother Said I Never Should marks a return to an old favourite for director Doug Clarke QSM, who has directed the play twice before. Clarke says he has changed his thought processes, however, and is “treating it as a fresh production”, inspired by Elmwood theatre’s unique staging possibilities


My Mother Said I Never Should has proved a tremendous hit with audiences since its premiere in 1987 at Manchester’s Contact Theatre, where it instantly launched its young author into the ranks of the UK’s top writers and won both the George Devine Award and Manchester Evening News Best Play award.


Elmwood Players encourages all sons and daughters to bring their mums to see this special Mother’s Day treat.


Take advantage of Elmwood’s Mother’s Day ticket special of two for $25 on Sunday 11 May.


Performance Dates


1st Week Wed 7th May - Sat 10th May 7:30pm all performances


Sunday Mother's Day Special 11th May 6:30pm


2nd Week Wed 14th May - Sat 17th May 7:30pm all performances


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Characters & Cast List

Doris, born 1900 - mother of Margaret

Felicity Watson

Margaret, born 1931 - mother of Jackie

Marilyn Ollet

Jackie, born 1952 - mother of Rosie

Helen Cooper

Rosie, born 1971

Aimee Perry