Elmwood Players next production...

“Mix ‘n Match – four one act plays”

(10th Aug - 12 Aug)


The four plays will be on stage at Elmwood Players and are also entered in this year’s NZTF Short Play Festival,

the plays are...

"Top This’ by Emilia Marriott"

Dir: Emilia Marriott and Sam Primrose

Dramedy. A therapist tries a different approach by using acting techniques, to help her reluctant patients open up about their recent suicide attempts.

Mix n Match


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"The Death of Ellen Moore" by Jon Amesbury

Dir: Jon Amesbury

A 'confrontative drama' examining the human response to death and the impact it has on the individual and those who are left behind. It is a gritty drama focussing on the emotions of grief, despair and the finality of death.

"The Real Problem" by Bruce Kane

Dir: Craig Woolgar

A comedy about love and men, Shakespeare's Juliet gets conflicting advice from the ever loyal and romantic Desdemona, “Taming of the Shrew’s” Katherine, who claims that “all men are pigs”; and, finally, the head of Henry VIII’s late wife Anne Boleyn, who believes women should be free to pursue their appetites… in spite of her present condition.


"Value Added Plus" by Barry Grant

Dir: Barry Grant

Elmwood Players are delighted to be able to include this play, staged by our sister theatre society, Riccarton Players, as part of our season of one act plays.

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